API Reference Index

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The API reference index is a central list of all endpoints included on the OpenExO Platform across our different APIs.


Examples and Reference applications of the API’s in use.

  • Event List v1 – This application is in use on our own website, here is the GitHub repo showing you exactly how to use the Events API in your own code. Clone, copy it, reference it and let us know in the Developer Network circle.

ExO Economy – EXOS Cryptocurrency

  • EXOS is the native digital asset of the ExO Ecosystem and the OpenExO Community. It is an ancestor of the Bitcoin project modified to be a Proof of Stake vs a Proof of Work network.

  • Our Full-Node is the beating heart of our blockchain. It has a rich REST API for Blockchain Enterprise Development. One community example of the use is Certifico.IO, for issuing credentials on the EXOS blockchain.

  • Check the ExO Economy Tools

  • Get started now by installing the EXOS Core wallet, move your EXOS into that wallet and start staking EXOS to earn EXOS and help the network operate securely and fast for the ExO Ecosystem.

  • Learn more at the website


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Check the FAQ Document and the ability to suggest new Q/A via pull request.