Massive Transformative Purpose

What is a massive transformative purpose, and how do you create one for your organization?

Here’s the rundown on why you need an MTP to transform the world truly.

What is a Massive Transformative Purpose?

Where do you start when you want to start to transform the world around you? The most successful and fastest-growing organizations around the world have been able to create transformation through their organizations because of one thing: they began with a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP). Creating an MTP starts with a desire to create a transformative impact in the world and is the most effective way for growing an organization.

A Massive Transformative Purpose can be broken down into the following:


An idea that is audaciously big and aspirational.


Something with the potential to cause radical transformation to an industry, community or planet.



Has a clear “why” behind the work that you’re doing.

Massive Transformative Purpose

An MTP is not a mission statement.

It’s not a big goal, It’s not motivated by profit, and it’s not your tagline or slogan.It goes beyond mere marketing and setting objectives.

Your MTP is the soul of your organization, and it’s the filter and guide for everything you do in your business. At OpenExO, we refer to your MTP as your guiding North Star. It helps your organization continue to innovate and disrupt technologies, processes and ways of thinking without losing your identity and straying from your purpose. It’s the motivation behind why your employees get up every day and put everything they have into bettering and furthering your business.

Your MTP is your gamechanger.

It’s your higher aspirational purpose that you need to truly make a radical transformation -whether it’s in your industry, community or our planet. In short: Your MTP is a huge, inspirational and audacious purpose statement that is unique to your organization. It focuses on one primary goal, which stems from your purpose.

How do you go from an ordinary mission statement to an MTP?

Creating an MTP is a pivotal first step in the life of your organization. Your MTP is something that requires constant action to achieve. It’s not a goal that can be reached within a couple of months or even years, but something that might even take a whole lifetime to achieve. MTPs are aspirational and focused on changing the future. While the best MTP’s are ones that aim at transforming humankind, your vision doesn’t have to be on this scale to be an MTP. But, it does need to be exponential.

A strong MTP can be reframed into a question:

What question would you ask yourself that would ensure that you stay inspired to make a dent in the universe and that everyone around you will charge forward with you?

While your MTP needs to be MASSIVE, it also needs to be specific:


Do you want to impact? Think big target groups.


challenges do you want to solve? it can be anything, but it must be something that you are incredibly passionate and charged up about.


Do you want to impact? Think big target groups.


Challenges do you want to solve? It can be anything, but it must be something that you are incredibly passionate and charged up about.

Having an MTP gives direction, inspiration and, above all, unites your organization into achieving transformation and making an impact. A highly aspirational tagline like an MTP pushes teams to prioritize rapid growth strategies, innovative thinking and sustainable solutions for the future.

Need some inspiration?

Here are a few transformational purpose statements from other exponential organizations.

These MTPs aren’t just there to inspire and excite people. They provide a set direction for everyone in the organization to work towards. At any point, an employee can stop and ask, “why am I doing this?” and the MTP will provide the answer. 

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What is your

Massive Transformative Purpose?

MTPs aren’t just for organizations. You should also have a personal MTP. Something that inspires you, drives you and gets you up in the morning. This can be business-related or focused around something more personal, like your family or community.

Outlining a higher, aspirational reason for everything you do helps you survive and thrive in life.