ExO Solutions

Find an ExO Solution to transform your organization

Advisory Call

A one-hour call with an advisor of your choice around topics such as AI, Robotics, 3D Printing, experimentation, disruptive business models and others. Each call is recorded and given to you after its completion.

Lead time is about 1 week.

Disruption Workshop

A 2-hour call with pre-selected ecosystem members of diverse profiles (e.g. venture capitalist, corporate intrapreneur, technology entrepreneur and a marketing consultant) who will work with your team to challenge and find opportunities for exponential growth of your business. We find that providing quality external input and challenge at different stages of building your disruptive initiative can significantly help its future success.

Lead time is 2 weeks.

Collaboration Workshop

A 2-hour call with pre-selected ecosystem members where your team works together on a series of tasks such as defining/revising a business model canvas, creating an ExO Canvas for your new venture, designing customer interviews and others.

Lead time is 2 weeks.

One or Two Day ExO Workshops

These workshops allow a group of individuals to grasp a real understanding of the ExO Model and how to implement this in an organization. The Workshop includes theory and practical sessions that allow participants to walk away with tangible tools to drive exponential transformation.

Lead time is 2 weeks.

ExO Swarm

Tap into our global ecosystem of emerging technology specialists and exponential thinkers for focused brainpower on your challenge. During a period of 60-120 minutes, up to 10 ecosystem members answer your questions. The questions can be about specific technologies, new business models or disruptive startups in a particular industry, etc. The interaction happens via our online platform and you maintain access after the ExO Swarm is complete to continue getting value from the generated content. All links and answers can be provided in a standalone report.

Lead time is 2 – 4 weeks.


A 3-6 months engagement where your team works bi-weekly with one of our certified coaches to help develop your initiative(s) and apply exponential thinking to its further evolution.

Lead time is 2 – 4 weeks.

ExO 10 Week Sprint

Use the OpenExO Platform to run your own Sprint. The 10 week sprint process can be easily run using the OpenExO platform. All the tools required to do this are available to certified coaches. This 10 week program will take your organization 3 years ahead and is highly recommended!

Lead time is 2 months.

ExO Speaker

The goal is to communicate how external industry disruption may affect the industry, the opportunities exponential technologies bring in the form of abundance, the difference between linear versus exponential thinking and how to take advantage of that abundance, by building exponential organizations.

Lead time is 2 – 4 weeks.